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Ruby on Rails


Has development team been frustrating you? Your project starts and one month later your budget is running out but your team is still developing the framework? You want productivity but just don't know how to get it? Answer of all this is a great framework called 'Ruby on Rails'.


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a free open source web application framework intended to develop quickly data-driven web applications. Ruby is an extremely developer cordial, reflective and object-oriented language with properties inspired from PERL, Python, Small talk, Lisp.


Advantages of Ruby on Rails:


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that divides entire web application into layers, which makes it extremely compliant and easy to manage. RoR considers advanced application development epitomes like DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself) and Convention over configuration.


With Ruby on Rails, we get work done simply faster. Before Ruby on Rails, web Pages were written using languages such as PHP, Java, ASP, which was very time consuming and you might just have a large pile of unmentionable code at the end.


RoR is gaining popularity day by day primarily due to its ability to support rapid application development. Developers are contributing perpetually to add value to this magnificent framework further making it a platform of choice for organizations worldwide.


Our Dedicated Ruby on Rails Programmers can create web 2.0 applications using latest Ruby on Rails web services. vEmployee is committed to provide its clients with sustainable solutions, quality service and superior support for latest and well-known open source technology RoR. Our Expert Ruby on Rails Developers can develop systems tailored to all your needs.


Skills & Capabilities:


Ruby on Rails Programmers Capabilities


RoR Capabilities



Ruby on Rails Content Management System:


We offer following Ruby On Rails Content Management System features. We can also develop Custom Ruby on Rails CMS based on your requirements.


  • Create and edit via WYSWYG editor from web

  • Content Management by WYSWYG editor

  • Category Management with unlimited level of sub categories with contents

  • Flexibility to setup the featured Items and Home page items

  • Easy customization of layout and style


Ruby on Rails (ROR) Database


Integrated support for most leading database like MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite enables Ruby on Rails (ROR) developers to implement a system in their favorable database system.


Ruby on Rails Ajax


Ruby on Rails Ajax is one of the fastest growing technologies in the Web, driven by surging demand for the highly interactive database-backed web applications for which RoR is ideally suited. We can create a rich web applications using RoR and E Commerce websites using Ruby on Rails ROR) web development environment.


Agile Web development with Ruby on Rails (ROR)


We develop sophisticated Ruby on Rails (ROR) web applications quickly and precisely. Agile web development with Ruby on Rails (ROR) uses incremental and iterative development to create the web applications that the users want.


Ruby on Rails Applications and Ruby on Rails Services

We have created Ruby on Rails Application. You can view our case study of RoR Application to get the idea about our Ruby on Rails services.




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