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Resource Outsourcing



The current economic climate is forcing organizations to explore tactics to remain competitive. Resource outsourcing for certain technical functions is an increasingly popular way to improve basic services while allowing in-house developer and product managers to play a more strategic role in their organizations.


vEmployee showcases following engagement models for resource outsourcing:



Full Time Equivalent Model: A team of full time equivalent employees for your specific requirements on setting up an offshore development center. You can choose upscale or downscale your team anytime.

Advantages to client:

  • Least cost option

  • Dedicated team

  • Budget predictability

  • IP ownership

  • High flexibility

  • High control

  • Can start with any level of expertise on the application


Disadvantages to client:

  • Need for client involvement is highest

  • Budget depends on how well the team is managed

Time and Material (T & M):
Your costs and schedule will vary depending on scope and complexity of your project. Recommended for the projects having a lot of scope changes during project.


Advantages to the Client:

  • More control over implementation

  • Good when evolving requirements

  • High flexibility

  • Analysis is involved

  • Less expensive than fixed

  • IP ownership

Disadvantages to the Client:


  • Client’s involvement is required

  • Lack of pro-active involvement Vs. FTE

  • Budget control in client's hands